AI Recommendations for Bids and Opportunities

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Match contracting opportunities to your company

Stop manually searching and triaging opportunities - let AI do the work for you.
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Federal, State, Local and Custom Opportunities Feeds

Integrate government solicitation feeds across federal and SLED, consortiums, and more.
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Matched to your company products and services

Semantic AI matching technology compares all bidding opportunities to your organization’s capabilities, products, and services.
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Daily AI Recommendations

Daily recommendation feed with AI generated reasoning to triage opportunities.

Improve your capture process

Drive increased visibility and reduce time spent triaging opportunities daily
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Integrate Opportunity Sources

Integrate any of your current opportunity sources from websites, APIs, emails, and more.
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AI Derived Summaries

Bid/No-Bid assistant summaries to quickly analyze RFPs.
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AI Matching Engine

Semantic matching of solicitation requests to your specific company.
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Triaging and List Workflows

Team wide visibility of opportunities also with the option of integrating your CRM.
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Daily Recommendations List

Simple triage workflow with AI completing the heavy lift for you
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Full Opportunity Search

Traditional full text search of all opportunity feeds.
Streamline your RFP development with AI and capture more wins
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