Driving efficiency to the entire government acquisition process

The acquisition and procurement process is antiquated - leading government capabilities into obsolescence.
Contractors are inundated with countless compliance and proposal requirements that drive increased costs and time to bring solutions to market.

Government contracting representatives are overworked and bound to an inefficient system designed to minimize risk but has failed them in their mission to find the best solution at a reasonable price and delivery time.
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Our mission is to be a partner supporting our customers' outputs and initiatives - not just another tool to manage. We work hand in hand to ensure AI is properly integrated in these workflows.
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Our North Star

Expedite the creation of government solicitations and streamline company responses, enabling both processes to be completed within minutes.
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Faster Procurement

Aid the entire acquisition cycle to be more efficient and innovative.
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For Industry

Write RFPs and more in minutes to streamline team effectiveness.
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For Government

Aid in response analysis and evaluations.
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DoD Contractor
The platform's automation capabilities have significantly cut down our bid and proposal writing expenses, allowing us to allocate those funds to other strategic areas of our business.
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Team with extensive experience in AI and Government Contracting

Streamline your RFP development with AI and capture more wins
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