It's 2024, Software should be Adaptable to a Client

When we present the GovSignals Platform to potential clients, one of our main focus areas is explaining how we can easily tailor the platform to align with a client’s current workflow.

Proposal writing is both an art and science, therefore, there is an element of nuance and unique value add that each company brings as part of their onboarding process. Therefore, the team at GovSignals decided to make the platform a very dynamic, flexible, and tailorable solution that can nest well with an organization’s current processes.

What we have realized is that many clients are excited to adjust the platform to their unique processes during the onboarding process. This is when the proposal and capture teams can discuss their current pain points and discover how the platform can easily solve the data hand-off challenges they were facing.

Also, this is when the proposal writer realizes that a new prompt template gives them the ability to create new structured outputs in minutes when the legacy process used to take hours.

Part of the joy in building a tailorable platform is seeing the ownership of the unique features by the proposal and capture teams. For the first time, many business development professionals finally have a system that has transformed from Excel and Word to a fully automated AI-led solution that is fully integrated with their company’s data storage infrastructure.

One of the mantras the GovSignals team created this year is:

It’s 2024, software should be adaptable to a client!

We hold fast to this mindset as we continue to develop new features and enhance our product roadmap.

Gone are the days where software limitations define the business workflow. Instead, software and the business processes together should be able to create an even more powerful workflow that maximizes the best attributes of the systems.

For example, as humans, our ability to think strategically and to manage dense layers of context is essential for moving business workflows toward a measurable end-state. Now, with the incorporation of AI to the proposal writing process, the teams can now find and retrieve essential information in seconds, while automating the repetitive and tedious tasks necessary in traditional proposal writing.

The software platform should be flexible enough to allow dynamic growth with its users. Business development is not a static construct, it is a highly dynamic and strategically shifting department that must continue to grow the company and be able to break into new verticals over time.

The principle that “stasis” is the first stage of death rings true for the business development professional trying to bring in new business and grow a company; therefore, why would we expect the supporting software to persist in a semi-stasis state that cannot adjust with the rapid changes of the business development team?

It is these observations coupled with our relentless drive to push the envelope further with AI enhancements that led the GovSignals team to create the new foundational platform for the business development professional.

For example, here are a couple examples of how the dynamic platform can seamlessly transition into your current workflows:

  1. We can integrate your current CRM provider and pull the critical data necessary for the proposals you are working on.
  2. We can integrate all your bidding opportunities and the sources of these opportunities into a single view for ease of use.
  3. We can integrate to your billable hours databases to help with the creation of your basis of estimates.
  4. We can integrate directly and pull in your company data like past proposal submissions, past performance, whitepapers, etc.

These are just a handful of examples, but at the core, to fully integrate AI into your organization’s workflow it comes down to the seamless integration of data and using it to inform and enhance the human led decision efforts.

Proposal writing is an art and a science, let the AI drive the science and do the heavy lifting, which provides the freedom for your proposal writers to create the high-quality nuances for your company’s win themes and strengths. This is how you set yourself apart from the competition and make the proposal writing process enjoyable for your team.

To see the GovSignals Platform in action, schedule a demo today. We would be happy to learn more about your current workflows and demonstrate how the platform can bring AI to the forefront of your Business Development teams.

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